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Date Changes
110403 Photos and gaming report from Belgoludique XII gaming convention
101218 Pictures and diary from my voyage to Western Balkan are now added.
100606 Pictures and diary from my voyage to Russia with Pskov, Novgorod and Saint Petersburg are now added.
091213 Pictures and diary from my voyage to Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan are now added.
Pictures and diary from my voyage to Naples with Pompeji and Herculaneum are now added.
090329 Pictures and diary from my voyage along Mekong River are now added.

Pictures and diary from my voyage to the Faroe Islands are now added.

071202 Pictures from my voyage to North and South Korea are now added, but still I haven't written a travel report.
My pictures from the game fait in Essen 2007 are available, but I doubt that I ever will get time to write more than the short summary of the games I've bought there.

It has been an intensive gaming period with 47 games played in 16 days, thereof 41 unique, thereof 19 never played before. 4 games were interrupted before the end. It's defintively a personal record. Here are the reports from these three occasions:
20070209-11: Photos and gaming report from 6th boardgaming convention in Varberg
20070216-22: Photos and gaming report from Belgoludique VIII gaming convent
20070224: Photos and gaming report (in Swedish) from BOSS gaming society in Västra Frölunda
I have also reorganised the site and moved gaming reports (including Essen fair) to a separate page.

061015 Photos and gaming report from 5th boardgaming convention in Varberg
060930 A full page article in the local newspaper regarding my boardgame collection
060830 Eventually I've scanned and uploaded my pictures from the trip to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe 1998
060827 Pictures and a diary from my voyage in the traces of the Icelandic sagas to Iceland and Greenland are now added.
060221 Added reviews and rules to Age of Mythology, Amun-Re, Anno 1503, Attika, Bang!, Fist of Dragonstones, Gang of Four, Liberté, Mystery of the Abbey, När & Fjärran, Queen's Necklace, Time Control, and Tomb Raider.
060215 Now are entries added for ALL my games in both the category page, leftside index and a template page for each game with photos and some basic information. Still there are missing plenty of reviews, rules etc.
051124 Pictures from my voyage along the Silk Road are now added.
050308 I have added gaming report extracts both from my already published reports, but also from the Pantanf forum about my games. 
050307 Now are entries added for ALL my games in both the category page, leftside index and a template page for each game with photos and some basic information plus a template page for the rules, although some are already added here. Next I'm going to add the rules, gaming reports (old text from Essen and conventions) and finally reviews. This means new information for 46 games, which I've bought during the last 2 years, but never seems to catch up with here.
050221 Added photos and gaming from Varberg Winter Games (mini board game convent)
050213 Added travel to Belgoludique VI gaming convention in Landennes, Belgium 2005.
041027 Pictures to the bus tour around Eastern Balkan is now added too.
041025 My Essen game fair report 2004, which includes photos.
041010 Added my diary to a 3 weeks bus tour around Eastern Balkan. Pictures will come soon.
040928 Finally I have got a new domain name:  www.globetrotter-games.com 
For this I have redesigned my site with a new logotype and background. I also have a new email address, although the old one still is valid for a while.

I have also removed the link pages, as they never seemed to be updated and added a few of the most important on the first page, which other also may need to find information about board games. I will not add any links on requests, especiallt not commercial sites.

I will soon update my site with pictures and diary from my 3 weeks bus tour around Eastern Balkan.
I'm also behind at updating my site with 20-30 games, although you can find several of the rules at the category page.

040228 Added travel to Belgoludique V gaming convent in Landennes, Belgium 2004.
031204 Added travel Diary to the Brazil round trip plus photos during November 2003.
031028 It has taken a while since I added new games to my site and many of the added games are actually from Essen 2002, although the fair of the year recently has finished! On the other hand I have had to play all games at least once. Of these games I think Settlers of the Stone Age and Keythedral are the best.

Added reviews and rules to Keythedral, Expedition, Goldland, Von Kap bis Kairo, Krieg und Frieden, Magellan, Muscat, Nautilus, Santa Fe Rails, Wallenstein, Wildlife, Drakborgen: Legenden (new edition of Dungeonquest), Eketorp, Scarab Lords, Mare Nostrum, Castle, Settlers of the Stone Age. Also updated with new info and image for Dune and the expansion Sauron to Lord of the Ring.

Other games, which I have on my shelf and hopefully soon will write reviews of are:
Fist of Dragonstones, Gang of Four, Queen's Necklace, Mystery of the Abbey, Age of Mythology, Amun-Re, Time Control, Tomb Raider, Liberté, Attika, Bang, Anno 1503 and Warcraft the boardgame.

Added travel Diary to the Isle of Man plus photos during September 2003.

030215 Added reviews and rules to Dschunke, Industrial Waste, Puerto Rico, Piratenbucht plus the 6-player expansion to Carcassonne.
021030 My Essen game fair report 2002, which includes photos.
021013 Added travel Diary to the Orkney Islands plus photos during September 2002.
020807 Added travel Diary to Azores Islands plus photos during July 2002.
020322 Added reviews and rules to the games I got in Essen: Gods, Kardinal und König kartenspiele, Gargon, Carcassonne River expansion, Vortex (demo), Meuterer, Dragon's Gold, Hellrail 3rd Perdition, Die Magier von Pangea, Vinci, Volldampf, Das Amulet, Odysseus, Evo, Urland, Die Händler, Capitol, Drunter und Drüber and Union Pacific.
Games that I've bought just before or after Essen: Dragonhunt, Starfarers of Catan, Friends & Foes (expansion to Lord of the Ring), Valley of the Mammoth, Starship Catan and Lord of the Ring TCG.

Games to which I've added Swedish rules, thanks to the publisher: Carcassonne, Bohnanza, Elfenland, Formula De and Lost Cities.
Games I scanned Swedish rules: Pratmakarna
Games I added Swedish rules, thanks to a friends translation: Roborally plus expansion Crash 'n' burn

Added travel Diary to Tenerife during Christmas 2001.

011107 My Essen game fair report, which includes photos.
010923 Changed info about Traders of Genoa after the first play.
Added photos and diary for trips to Åland and Denmark, plus added some photos to the Baltic States.
010827 Added Åland to my Travelers Century Club list plus fixed a few errors.
Added Lost Cities, MarraCash and Traders of Genoa, including rules.
010707 Added travel report for a tour to Poland, the Baltic States and Russia.
Updated my Travelers Century Club list with these new countries.
010610 Added Medieval Merchant including rules. Seems to be a promising strategy game with relatively simple rules. But so far have I only tested it with 2 players and apparently it needs at least 4 players to be really good.
Added English rules for Battlemist.
Updated the Dutch Game of the Year for 2000.

Changed the rating to the game list plus added ratings from several of my gaming friends. The rating now done with the numbers 1-10 with fixed meanings.

Changed the left side index frame to show games in alphabetical order, but the game list page with ratings are still sorted in categories. This might help people who are serching for information about a certain game. If there isn't any English name, I first of all uses the German name, otherwise the Swedish name.

010506 Added English rules for Arena and Armour Quest
010502 Added English and French rules for Elfenland plus the expansion Elfengold.
Added English and Swedish rules for Mind Trap.
Added English rules for Löwenhertz, Master Labyrinth, RoboRally, Adel Verplichtet, Star Wars CCG, Stephensons Rocket, Talisman, Tikal and Close Encounters.
Added English player aid  for Serenissima.
Swedish scenarios for Robin Hood.
Added French rules for Taj Mahal.
010428 Added English rules for the following games: Carolus Magnus, Heimlich & Co (=Undercover), Doom Trooper, Dungeonquest, Caesar & Cleopatra.
010407 Three new strategy games: 6 Billion, which I've traded from an Italian guy, who had got it after translating the rules to Italian. Serenissima, a game of trading and warfare around the Mediterranean Sea. San Marco, a good candidate for the "Game of the Year" award in all countries it'll be published. A favourite from the very first play.
001217 I've 8 new games bought on the Essen game fair (Ohne Furst und Adel, Carcassonne, Cartagena, Doge, Aladdin's Dragon, Wongar, Magalon and Wiz-War (the last two wasn't tested at the fair)) and 2 games I've bought at home after testing them at the fair (Lord of the Ring (which became my favourite game at the fair) and La Città). All of the games includes also rules in English. They are more described within my Essen report, which includes photos from the fair. Magalon is a couple of years, but showed up to be a really good game. Wiz-War which is known to been a classic since 1985 was on the other hand a disappointment.

I've also added the Swedish Game of the Year 2000. The family game was "N.Y.Chase", which I would say shows how bad the current Swedish games are. As the game is a similar game to the old "Scotland Yard". The childrens game is called "Safari", which I just bought as Christmas present to my 4½ year old nephew, who I'm looking forward to introduce into the board gaming world now! The most remarkable with this game is that it's from an idea by Reiner Knizia!

001017 3 new games: Caesar & Cleopatra - really good and easy card game, Löwenherz - a game of territories and the purely skill game Stephensons Rocket, where you are fighting about earning most money through building railway lines and obtain shares in the different companies.
000829 Added photos from my trip to Singapore and Australia on my travel page.
000814 Added a complete list for Traveler's Century Club on my travel page.
000809 Added a player crib in colour for Ra
  000808 Added rules Waddingtons edition of Escape from Atlantis.
Added rules for 13 Dead End Drive - those rules are probably the most wanted on the net. Anyway it's the most common question where to find them! I just wonder how well Hasbro checks their game boxes....
  000802 Added some rules in English to Vikingatid (Viking Era), Entdecker, Maloney's Inheritance, Taj Mahal and Rummykub.
Changed my translated rules for Balderdash to original English rules.
000726 I can just start to say that I realised that it will continue to be updates just only once quartely, although I hope to add some rules quite soon.

I've added 8 new games, although two of them are a couple of old game, which belongs to my girlfriend:  Scrabble and Family Trivial Pursuit

On a trip to France in May did I get a copy to the new French edition of Dune plus the German game Entdecker by the creator of Settlers.

Other games I've bought are Bohnanza, a really funny card game.... and who can't but love the nice images of the beans!! The strategy game the Fight for Naboo have a nice Star Wars theme and good design, but unfortunately the dice decides too much. Both in Taj Mahal and Carolus Magnus are the strategy tricky, but I'm longing to try them with more players the just two. But Carolus Magnus is probably best as a 2-player game! Also I like the new concept without a real board. You can't even compare it to all those "hex tile" games.

I've also updated Chatterbox (name is just translated to English) with comments after finally playing it. As a trivia game, it was pretty amusing.

Checked and updated my link page with several new links. For the card game Arena I have added a link to it's Czech creator Altar.

The game of the year 2000 in Germany is finally announced.

000314 I've moved my site due to lack of space at my internet provider. Hopefully I'll find all the links on the net to my site. I have also changed name of the site from HNEFATAFL to GLOBETROTTER GAMES, as my former name was difficult to understand and pronounce. The name allude to my interests in both board games and voyages!

First of all I've changed my travel page and added some photos from one of my trips.

I've added my new game Ra, including rules.

From Kärnan I got three new games: Genius 2000 (trivia game with questions about the 2000th century), Chatterbox (a word game where you should describe as many words as possible for your team members during a minut) and Expedition Robinson (based upon a TV program in Sweden).

Through the auction site ebay I've bought three games: Magic Realm (the fantasy game with the most extensive rules leaflet(?)), Key to the Kingdom (a fantasy game with a foldable board) and Dungeon! (an old classic fantasy game from TSR).

Finally the games I brought from Singapore: Rummikub (a tricky game, which a loved before I bought it and thought was OOP in Sweden and when I returned, I could get reprinted copies everywhere!) and Star Wars CCG (a theme I can't resist, as a big lover of the Star Wars serie).

000107 I've got a busy time without any updates, but I'll try to catch up again. A few more games, which I have bought abroad (Singapore+Australia) and some that I've bought at the my new discovery of the good auction site www.ebay.com where there is a good chance to find old games, which are out of print.

The first documented game is Tikal, the game of the year in Germany 1999. I'm just wondering if the Swedish will this wonderful game as well.
I've also updated with the game of the year for Sweden and Netherlands plus added some information about the Swedish award.

A lot of changes to my link page and added a couple of countries to my travel page.

I've also done some minor restructures to the site, as I was running out of web space, as well that I wanted to make it easier read for you and update for me.

991011 I can proudly present my first award - from "Mind Sport Organization" and got a "preferred link of the week" to my site from their front page. Read more below the new title "Awards and Reviews". Also has the number of unique hits to my site increased to constantly 450-500 a day! It encourages me that so many people find their way around to my site.

It was a while ago since I updated the site last time and unfortunately I can't update it nor read my email during some weeks, so if you have any questions to me, please wait for a response until end of November, before I can catch up again.

New games are added: the strategy games "Elfenland + Elfengold" and "RoboRally". Both are really good new favourite games! I just can't understand why Elfenland hasn't reached Sweden yet (I've traded the game with a guy abroad). I've also tested the word game "Online". Unfortunately not really an original idea for a word game.
I've also changed to a (hopefully) more readable background.

990817 Added frames to the site, so it will be easier to find things.
990811 Comments to "Euphrat & Tigris", "Quo Vadis", "Kalahen", "Mystic War" and "Armour Quest".
New games are: "Arena" and "Samurai".
Added "the Game of the Year" in Germany for 1999.
990722 Added rules for "Scotland Yard".
Added comment about faulty print on "Stadens Nyckel" (the Key of the City).
990419 Added rules for "Tutankhamen's Revenge" plus several rules in Swedish.
New game is: "Battlemist".
990405 Added rules for "Civilization" and "the Hobbit" plus several rules in Swedish.
New games are: "Euphrate & Tigris", "Mississippi Queen" and "Settlers of Catan card game" inclusive English rules.
990309 Added comments for "True or False" and "Stadens Nyckel" (Key of the City)
Added rules for "Telepathy" and "Spectrangle" + some rules in Swedish.
Updated the Swedish "Game of the Year" list with 1998 ("Lotus" and "Figurix")
990112 Added rules for "Targui" + some rules in Swedish.
990106 Added rules for "Balderdash".
990103 Added rules to the expansion of Svea Rike "Batalj", to "Stadens Nyckel" (the Key to the City) and to "Dragon Dice". I've also collected reviews to "the Camel Race" (Karawane), "Batalj", "Middle-Earth the Wizards", "Stadens nyckel", "East-Indian Company", "Vikingatid" (Viking Age), "Spionage" (Adel Verplichtet) and "Settlers of Catan". I've also updated the list "Game of the year" with the Dutch list.
990101 Due to different reasons, as holidays, a lot to do at my ordinary work and that I've been engaged in the home page of  The Archaeological Association in Gothenburg, I haven't had time to work with my game site the last months, but it will soon be better. New games are   "Domain - the Warlock's Challenge", "Stadens Nyckel" (the Key of the City), "Armours Quest" and "Middle-Earth the Wizards". I also have the expansion "Batalj" to "Svea Rike" (the Kingdom of Sweden). A review of this site from the journal "Internet World" is scanned. Also I have now an (#15470555) if someone want to chat with me.
The travel page is updated with the last holiday countries plus a couple of photos and all internal links are corrected. Some English game names are updated (thanks all of you who have helped me with this).
So now I only will wish you all a HAPPY NEW game YEAR!
980724 Restructured the link pages and put game links on a separate page. Corrected a few minor errors.
980722 FINALLY ALL translations of the descriptions are finished and several links corrected from those pages.
980721 Translated descriptions for the 6 RPG games.
980720 Translated descriptions for another 9 games (next 2 categories + "Vikingatid" + "Atmosfear"). Added English rules for "Svea Rike".
980718 Translated descriptions for 22 games (the first 4 categories). You can see a link to those at the game index page. Added list of German "Game of the Year".
980713 Restructured the index page and added the card game "Mystic War". 
The British FLAGs are only a preparation for a translation and not yet valid links.
980608 Added english review for "Dragonquest" and 2 player variant of rules for "the Settlers of Catan".
980526 Added English rules for "Atmosfear"
980517 Added "Formula Dé" with English and French rules.
980509 Added a summary of play sequence for "Svea Rike".
980506 Added English rules for "Avalon".
980417 Added English rules for "Risk" and "Clue".
980415 Added table with "game of the year" (at game index).
980407 Added the last 37 pictures of arranged games.
980319 Added the the Swedish and the English rules of "the Treasure of Inca"
980312 Added "Dragon Dice" and "Dragonlance: 5th Age". 
Added a list over visited countries, which may be reached through the presentation.
980203 Added detail photos of about 20 games. Added "East-Indian Company" (a Swedish trading game).
971229 Cleaned up the start page. Put English comments at the index page, with a column for English game names (will be used for links to English sub pages later) and separate columns for remarks about existing reviews and rules. 
971219 Added an index in the Swedish game table, with information which games have rules (for the moment) and in what languages.
971107 Restructured the home page to prepare for an english translation.
971021 Guestbook added.
971016 The site is added to the web server with pictures of all games plus some of the information in Swedish. Although details are still missing, as well as the rules. I also plan to photograph the contents of the games as well. Some english rules, which I've found at the net are included.


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