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Here I'm together with my girlfriend Christina. The photo is taken July 2004 at Borre Viking market in Norway. The viking dresses we are wearing are hand sewn by Christina.

I'm born 1960 outside Gothenburg, but moved 1968 to Rångedala, east of Borås (70 km east of Gothenburg). Where I did live with my family on my fathers farm. My spare time was mainly spent soccer in Rångedala IK and reading books.

1976 I did go to "college" at Bäckängskolan in Borås, on a program with a scientific direction, but also with 3 foreign languages. My favorite subjects were mathematics, physics and chemistry, but I came for the first time in contact with computers. As we were quite few at that time who shared this interest, we did, with allowance of the teachers, try the most possible things and I was soon convinced that my future would be in computer technology.

After the military service, I did enter a one-year course of information technology in Gothenburg. The main purpoose was to become a programmer after this education.

The education finished with 6 weeks of practice, which I made at Ellos (nowadays Redcats Nordic AB), the largest mailorder company in Scandinavia, in Borås. I was offered an employment there 1981, as a programmer, but soon with a direction as a systems programmer. I've been there since then, as Ellos is a company with a lot of technical evaluations. Mainly I'm working with installation and maintenance of IBM mainframes in MVS environment (since we converted from VM/VSE 1986). During the last years it has also been some works in UNIX and PC. After outsourcing to France 2003, I've worked as local support in both technical as well as operational issues, in cooperation with people in both France and UK.

After 26 years at the same company I took the chance to start working at H&M mailorder (before Rowells mailorder), which is situated here in Borås. I couldn't resist the chanse to yet another time make a conversion of the operating system VSE to MVS on the mainframe. It also gave me a good opportunity to create a modern development and operations environment, which is impossible to achieve when you have an old environment.

I've done several short courses during the years, although I've worked. Several courses through my work, but my interest in traveling have made that I've took a university course in French at University of Borås plus I've studied French in Aix-en-Provence during a 4 weeks holiday. This has made me come into contact with both english-speaking, as well as french-speaking people during my travels. Also I've studied some German, Spanish and Russian (the last just for a year in college, so it's mostly forgotten). Furthermore I fullfilled a dream of learning more Math, with a university course at University of Borås during half a year. 2007 I went again to the university, this time to learn PHP, to get a feeling of programming in the web environment.

When I don't work, I have quite a lot of other interests, as I want to try many different sort of things. Playing board games with friends are my main interests and I like aerobics to keep me fit. Sport is quite nice to execute, but it's a waste of time to watch. I'm also fond of dancing, although it's rarely done nowadays.

Holidays I do mainly spend abroad, although rarely at beaches. The nearest "sun holidays" are the voyages to the Alpes. I've visited a little more than 70 countries and territories according to "Traveler's Century Club" list. Half of them by interrail through Europe. But the last year I've seen more outside Europe as well. I like nature as well as culture on these trips. Some of my dream targets are the mountain gorillas of Rwanda, the cultural treasures of Kyoto, the Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu in Perou, the Kreugerpark in South Africa... I can continue the list for a while!

I still love to read a lot. During the last years I've mainly read fantasy novels, but also science fiction and adventure novels. Favorite authors are Isaac Asimov, J R R Tolkien, Terry Brooks, Robert Jordan, Katharine Kerr, not to mention Douglas Adams with his "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". A few books of facts are sometimes also read.

I'm member of the "the Society of Ancient Remnants in Gothenburg" (a kind of Archeological society).

My gaming biography:
I always have enjoyed different kind of games, mainly society games, but it's not until the last years the interest has developed to collect them as well. I also used to play a lot of bridge in Borås BBS some years ago. Also I like PC games, if they are rather strategic than action based. Of course I enjoy computers as much as home as at my work.

At 9 years age I started to play chess with my father, until I used to beat him every time. I also played a lot of cards during my teenage and the first boardgame I owned was "Jägersro", a horse race game, which was published until late 90's by Alga. "Monopoly" and "Nya Finans" plus many games I found in books and made myself were played. I even designed a few games myself, fortunately long forgotten. At the end of the 70's and during the 80's I mostly played bridge.

At the start of the 90's, I started to be with som e new friends, who had many boardgames (at least I thought that at that time). I started to buy a few myself to get some variation. October 1997 I had about 40 games, when I started my site, which I name "Hnefatafl", as a dedication to the first known Nordic boardgame. First it was fully in Swedish, but I had many questions about translation to English from foreign visitors. Still I wanted to keep the Swedish part, as there still are few sites in my maternal language, March 2000 I changed the name to "Globetrotter Games" and changed ISP at the same time, to get more space. The name were chosen, as I planned to have more content about travels as well. October 2004, I finally got my own domain name.

The site has made me come into contact with many other nice people around the world, who also love boardgaming. Some have I met on the yearly boardgame fair in Essen, Germany. I've got in contact with people in nearby towns in Sweden, to be able to play more often and I also has attended a gaming convent in Belgium.

Carl-Gustaf Samuelsson


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