Armour Quest expert expansion: Adventure card

Adventure Card – Random Occurrence Table

1r6 Guilds & centers Galanic houses Town houses Merchant houses City gates Tower & outdorrs
Knight's Guild
Makidon's Guild
Traveller's Guild
Attributes Adjust Ctr
Ability Enhance. Ctr
Apothecary Stores
* Grove Of Healing
Fergus Healing enhancement
* Crawley's Tavern
Errand's Inn
Thrice Gambler's Den
Adventurer's Lodge
* Belleus Town Transp.
* Brastias Treasure Cult
Exit to Outdoor
* Tower Of Dreams
All Outdoor Hexes (except lairs)
1 Guilds' Haven
Closed for the day!
Charity Day
Galans offers healing of 1r6+3 Current CP free
Minor Brawl
You suffer 1r6 Current CP loss in scuffle
Fool’s Gold
A goldsmith tells you half your gold is fake
City gates closed.
Miss a turn here.
Energy Fusion Blast
Your Current CP drops by half In the blast!
2 Awareness Day
All items/services less 100gp
Adventurer's Woe
1t6 of your healing potions have turned bad
City War Alarm
Closed for the day!
Yule Day Festival
Miss a turn due to festive sightseeing!
A galas gives 2 healing potions to you at the gates
A sudden force lifts your ATF and DEF by 3 points!
3 Price Hike Season
All items and service increase 200gp
Herbs Knowledge Day
Concoct up to 3 healing potions (each at 100gp)
False Doctrinal Infusion
Your wisdom dips by 2 points!
Ecclesiastical Readings
Course offers ,+ 1 to wisdom (miss 1 turn).
Wisdom Drain
Enemy enchanters drain you of 2 wisdom points!
Greater Healing
A strange power restores your Current CP fully!
4 LoreMaster Festival
LoreMaster offers you Book of Wisdom (+2 to Wisdom) for 2r6x 100 gp.
Alms Day
Fergus offers you an Elixir in exchange for 2 healing.
Charisma Attraction
Met Belleus who offers you free transport to any outdoor hex next turn!
Metal Enhancement
A Smith offers to enhance your armour of Weapon by 1r6 for 6r6x100 gp
Gate Restructuring
This gate is closed. You are transported to the previous gate.
Power Field Warp
Your ATF increases 1r6 while DEF dips by the same number of units!
5 Adventurer's Council
A retired knight offers to sell a 1r6+6 armour for (2r6+4)x 100 gp.
Galanic Manuscripts
Matron offers Galanic WisdomWorks (+2 to Wisdom) at 2r6x100 gp
A band of brutes starts a riot and injures you for 2r6+3 Current CP.
Treasury Auctions
Brastias offers Scroll of Wisdom (+3 to wisdom) for 4r6x100 gp.
As you pass the gates, a master pilferer steals half of your gold!
Wisdom Check
Roll 2r6. If greater than your Wisdom Point, your CP reduces by half'.
6 GuiId Master Day
Add 1 to wisdom from Guild teachings.
Britannia Healer's Day
Closed - no sales today!
Taimissra Offer
Merchant offers 3r6 weapon at 3r6x 100 gp!
LodgeKeeper's Wake
All merchant houses closed in mourning
Ally Guard
You are given a healing Elixir by a friend
Energy Drain
Your DEF suffers 1r6 as strength seeps from you!

Note: The Adventure Card applies to all rolls of ' 1' or @6' during movement except movement ending on Quest, Castles and Event Check Squares.

* Indicates special variation documented for the Expert Quaestro game


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