Ohne Furcht und Adel - rules summary

Order of Play:

On your turn, you may either take two gold or draw two cards and keep one. You may then build one district. You may take your special action at any time during your turn (except the King’s, which occurs next turn).


  1. Meuchler (Assassin): you may assassinate one character. An assassinated character gets no action this turn
  2. Dieb (Thief): you may rob one character, but not the assassin or his victim. You get their stored gold in hand at the beginning of their turn
  3. Magier (Magician): you may trade hands with one player, or discard any number of cards and draw the same number
  4. König (King): collect 1 gold for each Gold district you have built, plus choose a character first next turn
  5. Prediger (Preacher): collect 1 gold for each Blue district you have built, and you cannot be targeted by the Mercenary
  6. Händler (Merchant): take one additional gold; collect 1 gold for each Green district you have built
  7. Baumeister (Architect): take two extra cards; you may build up to 3 districts
  8. Söldner (Mercenary): collect 1 gold for each Red district you have built; and you may destroy one district by paying one less gold than the build-cost

Purple Districts:

Bibliothek (Library): if you draw two cards during your turn, keep them both

Drachenhort (Dragon hoard): Prestigious district: pay 6 to build, worth 8 VP

Friedhof (Cemetery): if the Mercenary destroys a district, you may take it into your hand by paying 1 gold. You cannot do this if you are the Mercenary.

Geisterstadt (Ghost City): for victory point purposes, this district is the color of your choice

Hexenschule (Magic School): for purposes of income, this district is the color of your choice

Laboratorium (Laboratory): once each turn you may discard 1 district and take 1 gold for it

Schmiede (Smithy): once during your turn you may pay 3 gold to draw 2 cards

Sternwarte (Observatory): if you draw cards during your turn, draw three and keep one

Universität (University): Prestigious district of unknown use: pay 6 to build, worth 8 VP

Wehrturm (Military Tower): cannot be destroyed by the Mercenary


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