Domain - Warlock's Challenge: Reference tables

Score Encounter
1 Something appears to be shuffling towards you.
2 A shambling hairy mass emerges from the darkness and immediately attacks you. Its characteristics are initiative 27, attack strength 8+[D6], defence strength [12].
3 As you proceed along the passage, strange sounds fade into the distance.
4 The sound of water trickling down the passage walls is drowned by several agonising screams. (Miss next turn to regain your composure.)
5 A powerful creature, half man, half reptile, with bulging eyes and scaley skin rushes towards you. Its characteristics are initiative 35, attack strength 10+[D6], defence strength [14].
6 Strange noises can be heard but all is well.
Die Roll Effect
1 No Effect
2 Potion is slightly toxic (2 LP)
3 Potion restores 2 LPs (total cannot exceed 10)
4 Potion restores 3 LPs (total cannot exceed 10)
5 Potion causes weakness (-l LP)
6 Deadly poison, but bottle drops from hand before player can drink. Minus 1 Luck, if still above 2.
Creature's Object Symbol Initiative Loss of LP if defeated by creature
light or black ¤ 10 -1 LP
red ¤ 20 -2 LP
green ¤ 40 -2 LP
light X 35 -2 LP
Exception: The Medusa has an initiative of 45: For combat against the Medusa, refer to "The Medusa".
BOOKS OF SPELLS Ingredients required
Spell Description triangle circle rhomb
1: Healing Hands Will restore alt lost life points to a character and takes one full turn (no movement possible) 4 2 4
2: Open Sesame Takes one full turn to prepare and will open any locked or jammed door for the next two full turns; the door then resumes its original position. 2 2 -
3: Invisibility Player will remain invisible for one turn Takes one full turn to prepare; player will then be invisible for next turn. The effects of invisibility are the same as for the Cloak of Invisibility 4 2 2
4: Guiding Light Illuminates the square the caster is on as well as the horizontally, vertically and diagonally adjacent squares for two complete toms. Takes one turn to prepare; and then lights darkness for the next two turns. 2 - 2
5: Boneshaker Will destroy an undead Creature (*) on any horizontal or vertical adjacent or occupied square immediately with the exception of the Reaper. - 2 2
6: Icy Blast Will immediately freeze say creature on a horizontal or vertical adjacent or occupied square (except undead (*) creatures on object cards marked with a green ¤ ) for one complete turn. 2 - 2
7: Human Mole Permits movement through a blocked square or wall. Takes one full tom to prepare, the player moves through on the next turn. - 2 2
8: Long Jump Allows a player to jump over a known or assumed pit trap If the object card happens not to be the anticipated pit trap, and turns out to be a creature, gas, etc., then the square jumped over must be resolved In this case, player movement ends in the square. 2 2 -
PARCHMENT SPELLS Ingredients required
Spell Description triangle circle rhomb
Ante Freeze Will destroy any undead creature (*) including the l2eaper on any horizontal or vertical adjacent square as dwell as the one occupied by the player. 4 4 6
Mirror Image Will destroy the Medusa (see "The Medusa"). 6 4 4
Double Trouble Will double any attack strength in hand to hand combat for one turn. 4 6 4
Fireball The most powerful of all spells available. A fireball will home in one of the nearest life force (not the sender) and destroy it, no matter how powerful it may' be. If two life-forces are equidistant from the sender; and no doors or walls interrupt the fireball's passage, then the fireball will destroy the life-force having the smaller experience / initiative. This possibly includes any other player characters A fireball will not destroy the undead (*), and will not penetrate doors or walls This spell can also be used to destroy a creature on the same square as the caster. Working a fireball spell costs the caster 2 life points. 6 6 6

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