Svea Rike - Sequence of play

Thanks to Brian Bradford who maintains the site Killer Katanas (a site about war games).

1. Turn Royal card:

A) Tax gathering - All players pay half their gold to bank

B) Famine - All agriculture half yield

C) Good harvest - x2 gold from Fiefs

D) Demand for import - +2 gold per Merchant

E) Peace - No effect

F) War - Go immediately to step 3

2. Establish turn order. (In each players turn):

A) Draw event card

B) Choose activity:

C) Go to next player. Go to step 4 when all are done

3. War (skip if no war):

A) Remove Merchants in enemy country

B) Establish Swedish Army

C) Pay upkeep for troops: 2 gold per soldier symbol

D) Establish enemy force: Equals number of players +1

E) Sweden attacks: A roll equal to or less than combat strength is a hit. Remove lowest value enemy card

F) Enemy attacks: (Same as above)

Repeat E-F until one side is eliminated


Sweden wins: (Victors choose one, highest CB value first)

* Receive one randomly chosen available Fief card

* Receive one face-up history card

* Receive 3D6 gold

Sweden loses: (Those who took part)

* Enemy Fief(s) are lost

* Lose one Fief of choice

(Those who didn’t take part)

* Roll D6: 1-3 lose Fief card, 4-6 nothing

4. End of turn. Go back to step 1 if not turn 16. If it was turn 16 the game ends, record status points:

1 SP per 20 gold

1 SP per 3 crown symbols on Fief cards

1 SP per 2 soldier symbols (not military)

1 SP per set of 3 history cards in same series

2 SP per set of 4 history cards in same series

3 SP per set of 5 history cards in same series

1 SP per 3 Merchants in play when game ends

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