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Distributor: Joker
Category: Trivia/word game
Players: 2-4
Play time: 00:30+
Ages: 10+
Content:     1  rules booklet 
    1  game board 
    1  tissue bag
100  letter tiles
    4  tile holders
    1  note pad for points
    1  pencil
Game target: To collect as many points as possible by creating as long words as possible on the game board. Words with unusual letters gives more points, as well as putting letters on the bonus squares. You play until the tiles in the bag are finished.
Rules: -
Strategy: Try at least to memorize the list of 2-letter words.
Comments: My publication is from 1988. The original game is from 1933.

In Sweden was the American game Scrabble translated during the 50's, but got the name Alfapet instead. It was sold with this name until the beginning of the 90's, when the license was withdrawn. Scrabble was then sold by Mattel in Sweden with the original name Scrabble, but Alga made a similar crossword game, which was sold as Alfapet, as they still owned this name. One of the main changes is that the Swedish version contains squares that gives negative scoring.



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