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Distributor: Kosmos (German edition)
Mayfair Games (English edition)
Category: Strategy game
Players: 2-4
Play time: 60 minutes
Ages: 10+
Content:   1 game board  
90 commodity cards  
  4 home islands (large player tiles)  
32 island tiles  
28 inhabitant tiles, 7 per player  
14 public building tiles  
16 coat of arms tiles, 4 per player
  8 wooden ships, 2 per player  
  1 die   
Game target: The victory point spaces on the game board show the 5 possible ways in which victory points can be achieved. Whenever a player has 30 or more gold, 4 branch offices, 3 trade agreements, 4 public buildings, or 3 merchants, he marks the corresponding victory point space with one of his coat of arms tiles. To win, you must achieve 3 of these goals.
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: It's very dependant on which tiles you find during the discovery phase. You should probably protect either the buildings or the branches and then try to keep at least enough money to protect yourself once between your rounds. The money management is important with selling expensive commodities and then buying what you need, so try to get either a tobacco or spice branch quite soon.They are also necessary to buy high-level inhabitants. Try to have one or both of the ships active as much as possible.
Comments: My edition is from 2003. The designer is Klaus Teuber.

1. Production die roll for all players. Every player will get one resource.
2a. Placement of ships and pioneer and development of inhabitants.
2b. Sell (once per turn to each inhabitant) and/or buy commodities  twice per turn.
3. Move ships and discover islands   

If you don't mind some solo-playing, this is an interesting game, with many different strategies depending on resources you get on the die rolls and discoveries during the ship movement. The only interactions between the players are the race for the discovery tiles and the "big branch office" card, which makes you draw a single card from an opponent for 2 gold.

The game is based on a popular computer game with the same name. There is an expansion for the German edition called "Piraten und Aristokraten".



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