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Distributor: Camelot Hobbies (in Singapore)
Category: Adventure game
Players: 2-5 (Best for 2 or 4 players, as you play as a team. Other number of players is idiotic, as the 3rd or 5th player only functions as an administrator!)
Play time: 01:00+ (probably more, but a probable time is missing in the game description)
Ages: 10+
Content: Basic set:
    1 game board
    1 player's handbook
    4 character standees in paper
    6 artifact location standees
    6 artifact cards
    6 quest cards with guardians
    4 character record sheets (replaced by dial boards in the expansion set)
    1 monster dial board (with 6 statistics dials)
    1 battle resolution sheet
    2 six-sided dice
Basic set supplement (optional rules)f:
    6 magic cards
    1 rule leaflet with the supplement rules

Expansion set:
    6 monster quest cards
    4 character dialboards with 14 statistics per dialboard (shows strength, health, defense, potions etc)
    4 six-sided dice
    1 ten-sided dice
120 money tokens
    6 special location standees
    1 expert player's handbook
Expansion set supplement (optional rules):
  12 mystic cards
    1 rule leaflet with the supplement rules

Game target: To get all the six artifacts which are spread out "outdoors" (in the middle of the game board). Meanwhile becomes the characters better on fighting and defending themselves against monsters, guardians and opponents.
Rules: Rules in English to basic game
Rules in English to expert game
Adventure card in English to expert game
Strategy: -
Comments: Year of publication is 1995 in Singapore. 

Have some similarities with "Talisman", though you play in 2 teams. Unfortunately the game has a tendency to drag out a lot and you are just going around trying to build up your characters and are being afraid to face the opponent, as the monsters are very strong and you need your strength to them. The combat system is also too complicated and you have to use the reference card all the time. It didn't get better as we had to restart several time, because the characters got killed by a monster. After two evenings hadn't we yet succedded to finish the game and gave up. To be more than 2 players isn't to recommend, even though the games requires at least one administrator per player....

The most of the things in the expansion set ought to have been in the basic set, as they only faciliate the game without give a better playing value. Particularly the dialboards and the money tokens, as this gets rid of the character record sheet!


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