Klicka för svenska      Atmosfear - the Harbingers

Distributor: Spear's game
Category: Adventure game
Players: 3-6 (5-6)
Play time: 00:30-01:00 (max 1 hour = the length of the video)
Ages: 12+ (understand spoken English quite well)
Content:   6  double sided parts to a 6-sided (random) game board 
  1  plastic hub with "the Source of the Fear" and a cover to it. 
  6  plastic holders to the character cards and the key stones. 
36  plastic key stones 
12  plastic counters (6 "harbingers" and 6 skulls) 
36  fate cards 
36  duell cards 
  9  character cards 
  3  quick reference cards 
  4  gates and 4 plastic holders 
  2  dices 
Note pad and a pen 
Stickers numbered 1-6 
Illustrated rules leaflet with step-by-step instructions. 
VHS video tape of 60 minutes + 15 minutes instructions at the end.
Game target: To collect 6 different key stones and return to the hub, where you need to enter exactly at your own number. Then you should NOT draw your own piece of paper from "the Source of the Fear".
Rules: Rules in English 
Strategy: -
Comments: A quick and stressful game with simple rules. Was quite fun and the spoken English didn't require much knowledge, but the moment of luck was a bit to big. Should be played with certain minimum time between the games, as you probably soon learn when certain events are going to happen on the video.
You need at least a couple of extra dices, then you could increase the tempo. Even better if every player has their own couple of dices.
Year of publication is 1995. 
Review in English 

This is still a very popular game, although impossible to find in any stores. If you are looking for this game, then it's easiest to try to find it at an auction site like:   www.ebay.com

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