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Distributor: Ravensburger
Category: Money/points
Players: 3-6 (best with 4-6)
Play time: 01:00-01:30 (about 30 minutes each race)
Ages: 12+  (probably it works well to play with a younger players)
Content:     1  double sided game board 
    6  horse team 
    6  coins 
144  cards (6 colours with 4 of each number: 1-6) Used for movements. 
    4  rules booklets (Swedish, Norvegian, Danish and Finnish)
Game target: To be the fastest to get around 3 laps on the track, without to many outside curves, which might mean that the cards won't sufficient for the whole race. Also you have to leave the coin during the end of one of the first 2 laps. The best places gives the points 6,4,3,2,1. You will be disqualified (=no points) if you don't leave the coin or you don't reach the finish line. But you may still proceed the race to obstruct the other players, as the total points are counted after 4 races (2 different tracks with 2 different directions).
Rules: Rules in English     (from Game Cabinet )
Rules in Swedish
Strategy: Try to think a turn ahead, so you won't get stuch for a turn. Also you need to get rid of the 6:s as soon as possible. Too often is the leader reaching the finish lines, but have to pass, because he only have 6:s left. 
The cards permits 84 steps totally. The short track (for 5-6 players) have 78 steps and the long track (for 3-4 players) have 79 steps. It's important to remember how many extra steps you have taken in the outside curves, as well remembering how many of your 6:s you have used. The best play will of course be if you remember all cards both you and the other have used!
Comments: Invented 1989 by Wolfgang Riednesser. 
The game of the year in Sweden 1989. 
One of my favorite games, which is often brought later in the evening, as it's quite quick.


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