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Distributor: MB spel
Category: Childrens game
Players: 2-4 (best with 3-4)
Play time: 00:45
Ages: 8+ (Instructions are written in several squares, so you need to be quite good at reading, but with help from parents it's not too necessary.)
Content: 1  game board 
1  rule booklet 
1  rear wall 
1  front wall 
2  side walls 
2  walls to the inner temple 
4  parts to the wheels 
1  back to the idol 
1  temple door 
5  cog-wheel 
1  wheel frame 
1  idol 
1  black game piece (the traitor) 
4  adventure game pieces 
1  golden sword 
1  blood stone 
1  sword stone 
4  supports for the temple corners 
2  gateposts 
1  counter 
2  rear wall supports
Game target: To fetch the sword in the stone, go to the temple and there chose the right hole in the idol. If you get the blood stone, then you should hurry back to the camp with it. The other try of course to steel it from you.
Rules: Rules in Swedish 
Strategy: -
Comments: Year of publication is 1992. A quite popular childrens game, but will probably be a bit dull to just play with adults. It's like an advanced "Ludo". Difficult to put together the game board, if you don't mark up the corner support the first time you succeed to assemble it. Unfortunaltely is the blood stone laying badly in certain of the compartment inside the Idol. An adult shoould keep it, as you are putting the sword into one of the holes, otherwise do the blood stone risk to fall even if you put the sword in the wrong hole. The movable parts of the cog-wheels make the game extra fun for children.


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