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Distributor: Fantasy Flight
Category: Strategy game
Players: 2-6 (probably best with 4-6)
Play time: 03:00-05:00
Ages: 12+
Content: 39 Hexagon Map-board pieces
81 Action Cards
48 Quest Cards
33 Realm Cards
  6 Race Cards
  2 Counter Sheets (+2 extra)
25 Blue "Star" Counters
  2 10-sided Dice (a "0" result indicates a "10")
  1 Rules Booklet
Game target: Own five "Stars of Timorran" at the beginning of the Wizards Council Phase of the game sequence.
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: Check my link page for more information about this game
Comments: Created 1998 by Christian T. Petersen.
Only partly tested by myself. Many counters to keep track of, as well that certain rules depends of which race you are playing, so the risk is big that it becomes a bit messy. Although it looks promising if it's well balanced. Interestin with av board which totally may differ between each game.
An extra plus that they enclosed extra counters.


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