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Distributor: daVinci Games
Category: Card game
Players: 4-7 (best with 5 or 7 players)
Play time: 20-40 minutes
Ages: 10+
Content: 103 cards of three different types (identified by their back)
 7 “role” cards (1 Sheriff, 2 Deputies, 3 Outlaws, 1 Renegade)
16 character cards, with bullets printed on the back
 80 playing cards
7 summary cards, for beginners
1 rules leaflet
Game target: To belong to the group who are remains alone at the end after killing off all the other. T
The sheriff is together with the deputies. The outlaws wins if the sheriff is killed and the renegade wins if he is the last man standing.
Rules: Rules in English
Rules in English for the expansion High Noon
Strategy: You should probably keep a low profile in the beginning. If you directly start to shoot at the sheriff, the opponents know you are an outlaw, so wait at least until you have some protectection and a few Bang! cards.
Comments: My edition is from 2003 plus the first expansion. The designer is Emiliano Sciarra. The game is in English and Italian.

The game is played in turns, in clockwise order. The Sheriff begins. Each player's turn is divided into three phases:
1. Draw two cards
2. Play any number of cards;
3. Discard excess cards (you can hold as many cards, as you have remaining life)

This is quite a fun game, when it's played fast, but I've played it with people who analysed the game , which takes all the fun away. The only problem is that it's an elimination game, but as the game is quite quick, it's not a major problem. The card draw also makes it quite luck-driven.

The expansion adds cards, which change the environment for each round after the turn of the sheriff. I.e. when the "Sermon" card is in effect, nobody may shoot during that round.

Extract from Essen report 2002-10-18

Finally we got a chance to play “Bang!”, which Mik Svellov had praised so much. Normally this kind of card game wouldn’t be my type of card game, as it’s quite random and chaotic but the theme fits perfect in for a funny little filler. It’s best with 5-7 players, as you can’t shoot longer than 1 person away (left or right) from the beginning (you get better guns later on). You get a random character. The sheriff is the only one who is revealed and he is the starting player. 1-2 vice deputies helps him and they win if all outlaws and renegades are killed. The outlaws wins together if the sheriff is killed and the renegade has to be last man standing to win.

Result:  Sheriff Carl and deputy Christina killed the outlaws Mik and Harold and the renegade Hans (crokinole stand).



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