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Distributor: Casper
Category: Trivia/word game
Players: 2-4
Play time: 01:00
Ages: 12+
Content:     1  rules booklet 
    1  game board 
    4  counters (brains of rubber) 
560  cards with different categories 
    1  card holders 
    1  hour-glass 
    1  couple of red "magic glasses" (to read the red text at a "reddish" bottom) 
    1  water-soluble marker
Game target: To rattle off so many things, persons etc in the desired category (due to the card drawn). For each answer which is written on the category card you may advance one step (two if that's an unusual answer, written in italics).
Rules: Rules in Swedish
Strategy: -
Comments: My publication is from 1994.
(I don't know the English name of the game.)



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