Klicka för svenska      Tatort Titanic (German)
            (Titanic - the Scene of the Crime)

Distributor: Sweden:   Kärnan
Germany:  Schmidt Spiele. Original German name is "Tatort Titanic"
Category: Conclusion game
Players: 3-6
Play time: 00:45-01:00
Ages: 10+
Content:  1  game board 
55 cards (clues within the 5 categories and event cards) 
 6  playing counter 
 6  dices 
 1  ship (works as a turn marker) 
 1  pad with investigation sheets 
 1  rules booklet
Game target: Within 25 turns strike so many clues as possible, to make a deduction of the suspect, his motive, murder weapon, place of murder and time of murder. Every player has also on of 6 different random special quality.
Rules: Rules in Swedish 
Strategy: Try to keep tracking which colours (=type of clues) you have been asking whom about. It's difficult, but probably the biggest skillfullness in the game.
Comments: Feels as simplified version of Cluedo. 
Although the game is quite different and it's much more fun, than you think at the first moment. The rules are quite easy to follow. probably it's better the more you are, as the clue cards are more spread out and used and it's more difficult to keep track of them.
Originally published by Schmidt Spiele around 1993.



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