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Distributor: Kosmos (German edition)
Mayfair Games
(English edition)

ProfEasy tutorial

Category: Adventure game
Players: 2-4
Play time: 60-120 minutes
Ages: 12+
Content: -
Game target: -
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2004. The designer is Klaus Teuber.


Extract from Essen game fair report 2004 There we played Candamir - die Ersten Siedler, the new adventure game by Klaus Teuber. I had made notes from the ProfEasy tutorial and it was in most cases enough to get around and play it. We played with Matt (owner of Spielboy.com site) and his friend Patrick. The game is very family in it's combats, as if you combat and fail, you can continue, although you miss condition, which is equal to movement points. You try to fulfil requirements from 4 different village inhabitants, which requires 3 different kind of raw material. Those fulfilled requirements gives victory points and you should also fix at least 3 for a certain villager and than you get an extra (like knights in Settlers), which can be taken by someone else who gets more points. You can also pick up ingredients to potions when you are moving around. In every turn you start by trading, which wasn't much done and then either Moving OR Build & Brew, that is fulfil requirements or brew potions to add +2 on a die roll, heal +2 or force everyone else with equal or more VP to lose condition. Every player has their own character with different statistics on Charisma, Battle, Accuracy and Strength, which are used in combat and resolving adventure cards, which might increase you stats, as well as found experience counters spread out on the terrain map. Christina saw quite soon one thing and that was that collecting cattle and goats was a quick and easy way to fulfil the requirements, meanwhile the other of us played as an ordinary adventure game, that is building up our characters well first. This strategy would have been easily counteracted, if we had seen it, by using it ourselves and then everyone could have continued as us. Patrick seemed to dislike it, but we other liked it quite well. Rate 7 of 10.



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