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Distributor: Venice Connection
Category: Strategy game
Players: 2-4 (best with 2 person or maybe 3. With 4 you play in teams!)
Play time: 00:30-00:45 (probably longer, if you play defensively)
Ages: 12+
Content:   3  rules leaflets with rules in English, French and Italian
15  board segments, which fits together
  5  sets of cardboard discs 1-5 (2 sets black, 2 white, 1 grey)
  4  "courts" (small rectangular boards with dots in 5 colours (=clans))
  2  cotton bags:
        - 200 small wooden cubes in 5 different colours (40 each) = paladins
        - the other contains:
            1 ochre-yellow piece representing the Emperor
            4 dice with faces in 5 colours plus 1 crown
            5 clan emblems (wooden cylinders) in 5 colours
          30 castles in 3 colours (black, white, grey)
Game target: To be the first player who has put up all his castles or having built the most number of castles, if there are less then 4 regions left.
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: Created 2000 by Leo Colovini.

This is really an innovative game, as there isn't any board nor cards. The game can't even be compared with hex tile games. The replacement for a board is 15 board segments, which start separated, but will be put together by the players to create stronger territories. As you can see what the opponent can play next turn, you can at least plan one turn ahead, although sometimes the replacement of paladins, through the dice are a bit frustrating. The first game is quite messy, to keep track of everything, although the rules are very simple, so you should follow the recommendation to start with a 2-player game anyway. Particularly as the order of play is ever changing. Personally I don't see any interesting in playing as a team, so I can't see the idea of a 4-player game. But it should be interesting as a 3-player game.


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