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Distributor: Hans im Glück
Category: Strategy game
Players: 2-5 or 6 (2-5 or 6)
Play time: 0:30
Ages: 10+ (probably ok with younger players)
Content: 72 Landscape tiles
40 Followers (counters) in 5 different colours
  1 Scoring table
  1 Rules leaflet (German)

6-player expansion
18 Land tiles
  8 Gray followers for the 6th player
  6 Large followers
  6 point tiles - 50/100

River expansion
12 Landscape tiles with a river

Game target: Scoring as many points as possible through placing your followers as strategic as possible. The followers becomes highmen, knights, monks or farmers, depending on if they are placed on roads, towns, monasteries or meadows.
Rules: Rules in English
Rules in English for the 6-player expansion
Rules in English for the River expansion

Rules in Swedish (HTML)
Rules in Swedish (Large Word document)

Strategy: The farmers are often the key to the game and the one who may keep the control over them is often the winner.
Comments: My edition is from 2000. The designer is Klaus-Jürgen Wrede. The Swedish edition is distributed by Midgard Games 2002.

Although the rules are simple and the drawing of tiles makes the game very luck-based, it's a really interesting game suited as a good "filler" in a gaming evening. The fact that it works well with two players, makes it even better. Probably a good family game, as you easily can help younger ones to build the landscape. "Spiele des Jahres" 2001 in Germany. If you are playing with children, you may just exclude the farmers from the scoring, which make the game much simpler.

The 6-player expansion add a player, but it also add a few new tiles, as a lake tile, where the robber scores 2 points for the road if it's completed, otherwise zero points! A cathedral tile for the city, which make the knight score 3 points per city segment if it's complete, otherwise zero!
Every player also get an extra large follower, which counts as two normal followers, when determining who should score.
As the new rules gives more points in the scoring, there's a scoring tile to indicate when a plyer has passed one or two laps on the scoring board.

The River expansion makes the game more spread out from the beginning.

Extract from Essen report 2000-10-28 Some food into the stomach and strolling around for a while, before we went back again. We found a table and a German girl joined us for a test of “Carcassonne”. An easy, but quite clever tile laying game. You build up a map with the tiles with roads, towns, meadows and monasteries. You try to control them by playing one of your 7 followers on them and when an entity is completed, you score it and take back it (if it hasn’t become a farmer, which is scored at the end). We were sure it would be a great filler for the late game evening, so I found a copy for 23 DM.



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