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Distributor: Winning Moves
Category: Strategy game
Players: 2-5 (4-5)
Play time: 0:30-0:40
Ages: 8+
Content:     6 board segment
    1 board in the shape of a sloop
103 cards (1 arrow + 17 of 6 different pictures)
  30 pirates (pawns) in 5 colours.
Rules in German and English with a colour illustration on a separate sheet.
Game target: You control a group of 6 pirates, who tries to escape through an underground passage that connects the fortress to the port, where a sloop is waiting. When one of the players has brought all of his pirates aboard, the sloop sails away and the player is declared winner.
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -

My edition is from 2000. The designer is Leo Colovini (who also has made the great game "Carolus Magnus").

This game seems to be very simple at the first sight, but it's has quite a lot of depth anyway. The luck is pretty low, particularly with the advanced version, where you may look at 12 cards in advance (the arrow card shows which direction the cards are put to the table and taken by the players). It CAN be a slow game, if some player really want to think a lot at each turn, but with a group where the players prefer to play more intuitively, it's a great "filler", as it has quite short duration.

Extract from Essen report 2000-10-26 Then we found 3 Germans, who wanted to test “Cartagena” (by Leo Colovini, the designer of “Carolus Magnus” - a favourite game and the new “Doge”). It’s a really simple game, but we realised soon that it was an extremely good game, which would be a good game to fill up with when everyone still want to play another game, but everyone is too tired for the heavy artillery. It ended up that both the Germans and we went to buy a copy each (29 DM, as 3 copies gave a reduction).



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