Klicka för svenska      Ohne Furcht und Adel (Citadels)

Distributor: Hans im Glück
Category: Card game
Players: 3-7 (4-6)
Play time: 01:00
Ages: 10+
Content: 65 District cards
  8 Character cards
  7 game rules summary
30 Gold pieces (I got an extra!)
  1 Crown card + plastic foot
Game target: Develop your city with new disticts and gaining the most Victory points, when someone has reached 8 districts.
Rules: Rules in English
Summary card in English
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2000. The designer is Bruno Faidutti.
It was nominated for "Spiel das Jahre 2000".

A simple but very intriguing bluffing game. The lovely design of the cards gives you really lust to play this game. I bought a copy at the Essen fair after having the possibility to play it. The French original name is "Citadelles".

Extract from Essen report 2000-10-28 During the game did Will and Scott arrive. We played “Ohne Furst und Adel” (“Citadel”) with him and Roland (although Will had played it a lot before). This was really a great bluffing game. I can realise that Bruno Faidutti’s was nominated for the game of the year. It was quite easy to get a feeling of how to play the game and still I could feel that it had much more potential below the surface. I’m looking forward to play this at home. I found it later on for 15 DM and I knew that the rules were on the net.



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