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Distributor: Gibsons Games
Category: Strategy game
Players: 2-7 (best with 5-7)
Play time: 08:00-10:00
Ages: 15+ (Requires som knowledge of English. At least one must know very good English to understand the rules)
Content:   1  game board  (picture) 
  7  set of counters with the following in each: 
       56 inhabitant counters 
         9 cities 
         4 ships 
         7 player mats 
75  trading and misfortune cards
72  civilization cards
  1  illustrated rules booklet in English
Game target: Collect 1000 points in civilization cards by trading with the other players.
Rules: Rules in English
Crib for the players in Swedish
Strategy: Trading with other players are the most important phase. You should set a time limit on the trading.
Comments: It's a disadvantage with the long playing time and all the small counters.
There are two simplified variants, for 1-2 hours or 2-4 hours, described in the rules.

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