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Distributor: Äventyrsspel
Category: Roleplaying
Players: 3+
Play time: 03:00+ (often you play an adventure during 1-2 weekends.)
Ages: 11+ (probably you need to be elder to have best exchange of roleplaying)
Content: The basic set for D&D:
- A rule book with rules how you create your adventure character and uses his skills.
- A players handbook with descriptions of magic formulas, weapons, armours and all other equipment a real adventurer needs.
- Dungeon Masters book with fighting rules, descriptions of creatures, monsters, plants and magical herbs.
- Adventure booklet with 2 introduction adventures intended for beginners.
- Character sheets
- 5 different dices with different number of sides (called D4, D6, D8, D12 and D20).

To this there are a lot of different:
- Adventure books
- Campaign books (describes the world of Ereb Altor and different cities)
- Profession books (for example assassins, warriors)
- Monster books (undead, elves, goblins, dragons etc)
- Magic books
- Miniatures of tin (which you may paint by yourself)

Game target: To complete one or more tasks, which may hang together through several adventure books to create a more or less epic drama (this is called a campaign). sometimes the tasks may be unclear in the beginning and the first task is to find out what to do.
Rules: Far too extensive to be written here!
Strategy: Cooperate and stich together is the first and last rule in all roleplaying games.
Comments: This is the Swedish correspondence to AD&D. The 1991 edition.
The Dungeon Master do NEVER play AGAINST the other players, but he/she will rather encourage creative and funny solutions when problems arise. Few games are so social as roleplaying among friends who know each other well.
(Will probably not be translated to other languages, as there are other correspondant roleplaying games.)



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