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Distributor: Ravensburger
Category: Bluffing game
Players: 2-7 (best with 4-7)
Play time: 00:45
Ages: 9+
Content: 1  game board 
7  spy cards 
7  point counters 
7  spies 
1  safe 
1  dice 
1  rule booklet (Swedish, Danish, Norvegian and Finnish)
Game target: To be the first to collect all 42 pieces of information (=move 42 steps) and by that move his own point counter over the finishing line.
Rules: Rules in English
Rules in Swedish 
Strategy: As none know who is owning which spy, as well there are two "dummy" spies (up to totally 7), you have to confuse the other players as much as possible. Even smart comments are allowed during the play.
Comments: Year of publication is 1987. Invented by Wolfgang Kramer.
The German name is Heimlich & Co.

There's a new edition from 2001 with event cards as well. This is produced by Rio Grande Games.


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