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Distributor: Hobby Products GmbH
Category: Adventure game
Players: 1-4 (probably good with any number of players. Unusual good as a 1-player game)
Play time: 01:00+
Ages: 10+
Content: 380  object cards  (pictures of these:  1  2  3  4 )
  95  large room tiles
    4  player character sheets - one for each player
    4  lantern cards
    4  magic room cards
    1  dark movement card
  10  character tokens
  40  status markers
    1  28'' x 19'' game board, white with squares, where you put the room tiles.
    1  17-pages rulesbook in English (plus 19 pages in German)
    1  rules summary in Danish (my game is bought in Copenhagen)
    1  reference sheet
    2  dice
Game target: Reach the inne treasure chamber and take one of the 4 main treasures and then return to your starting side with this treasure.
Rules: Rules in English
Reference card in English with different tables
Strategy: -
Comments: Year of publication is 1992.
A nice variant of "Dragonquest". The game board with it's room tiles are built up as long as the game proceeds. The handling of counters makes the game less messy than "Dragonquest", but "Dragonquest" is although a little better as a game. Although it should have been included a list of the counters as a reference, so I have scanned pictures of all the counters, which you may see above in the "content" section. The game is easier to play then it looks like at the first sight of the rules, nevertheless quite varied. The game is mainly built on the adventure feeling with surprises, then on skilfulness.
I have only yet played it by myself as a test.



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