Klicka för svenska      Drachengold (Dragons Gold) (German)

Distributor: Jeux Descartes / Eurogames
Category: Card game
Players: 3-6 (best with 4-5 players)
Play time: 0:30
Ages: 8+ (but probably better with 12+, due to the negociations)
Content:   18 Dragon cards, and one Market card
  24 Adventurer cards (4 each in 6 colours)
  17 Magic Object cards
    1 Cloth bag for holding the Treasure tokens
    6 Screens
    1 Sand Timer (length is 60 seconds)
126 wooden Treasure tokens
        • 35 silver tokens (representing coins)
        • 20 gold tokens (gold pieces)
        • 16 red tokens (magic objects)
        • 4x12 gem tokens
              (blue = sapphire, green = emerald, purple = amethyst, yellow = amber)
        •   6 white tokens (diamonds)
        •   1 black token (black diamond)
Game target: Collect most points through getting as many treasures as possible.
Rules: Rules in English

Pasteups in Swedish for the cards (Word document - thanks to Magnus Lundgren)

Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2001. The designer is Bruno Faidutti.

Normally I not really fond of negociation games nor games which requires that you do things under stress, but this game is just great. Some people plays the game without the timer, which seems to work pretty well. Then maybe it's possible to play it with younger people.

Extract from Essen game report 2001. Finally I had the chance to play "Drachengold". I was afraid that the stress moment in the negotiations would make the game collapse, but I was really surprised how good it was in its simplicity, so I decided to buy a copy. Magnus had made paste-ups in Swedish, which made it easier to play (ratings CGS=7, ML=7, SL=8, TB=8, Fredrik Thid=7).



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