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Distributor: SFR Inc
Category: Dice game
Players: 2+ (probably best with 2)
Play time: 00:30+
Ages: 12+
Content: Basic set (at least one set is needed per player): 
  18  randomly sorted dices (15 D6 monsters of different rarities, 2 D8 terrains and 1 D12 dragon) 
    1  rules folder with 18 pages. 
    1  reference folder with 16 pages (icons, spells and a crib) 
    3  organization cards for your troops 
    1  dice bag
Game target: With aid of your armies will you take and keep two "terrains".
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: There is a lot information to find on internet.
Comments: Year of publication is 1995. Also there is a PC game with it's rules nowadays.
Not yet played.
It feels as you need to learn a lot by heart, before you can enjoy the game. Abit difficult with all the similar icons on the dices.

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