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Distributor: TSR
Category: Roleplaying
Players: 4+ (best with 4-5)
Play time: 06:00+ (Depends of the length of the adventure. Sometimes shorter.)
Ages: 11+
Content: "Book of the FIFTH AGE", 128 pages with the SAGA rules. 
"Dusk or Dawn", 96 pages of introduction to Ansalon. 
"Heroes of a New Age", a 48 page introduction adventure. 
  1  Colour map of the world Ansalon. 
82  Fate cards 
18  Character cards with the best-known heroes in the  Fifth Age + pre-generated playing characters. 
  1  Crib for the rule system. Includes a translation from the AD&D rules.
Game target: Through roleplaying solve tasks in the adventure books. For your help do you have fate cards (in stead of dices) in this gaming system, to how well you handle difficult situations.
Rules: -
Strategy: -
Comments: More roleplaying and less random moments guides the adventures.



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