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Distributor: Casper
Category: Roleplaying
Players: 3-5 (best with 4-5)
Play time: 01:00+ (Consists of several separate scanarios)
Ages: 9+ (although the Dungeon Master should be elder)
Content: 16  plastic characters with holders 
56  cards (4 heroes, 8 magic items, 11 monsters, 16 weapons, 16 events) 
16  rooms and corridors (game board tiles of different forms) 
14  counters 
  6  doors 
  6  door holders 
  9  dices (3 of each: white, red, black) 
20  plastic counters (5 of each: red, yellow. green and black) 
  1  rules booklet 
  1  adventure booklet
Game target: To complete the task of the adventures scenarios. One player is the Dungeon Master and sets up the requirements, when the other players reach them, as new rooms, monster, traps or items they encounter. Note that he DO NOT play against the other players, but his task is to make the game fun for the other. Of course the other players won't see the adventure booklet in advance or during the game.
Rules: Rules in Swedish
Strategy: -
Comments: A simple introdution for those who want to know what roleplaying is, but don't want to learn all the rules which surround ordinary roleplaying games. Although it's bad that it's only 6 scenarios in the adventure booklet and there isn't even an exapansion with new scenarios. The intent is that a Dungeon Master may put up his own new scenarios.



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