Klicka för svenska     Dungeonquest (+expansion II)

Distributor: Alga
Category: Adventure game
Players: 1-4 (you play against the dungeon, rather then the other players). more players only increases the chance to manage the escape, as there are more retreat ways.
Play time: 01:00-01:30
Ages: 10+
Content:     1  rules booklet 
    1  game board 
    1  12-sided dice 
    1  6-sided dice 
    4  character counter 
    4  plastic holder to the characters 
    6  plastic tops 
116  room tiles (of which the treasury is double) 
256  cards, of which: 
          4 hero cards 
          1 cross-bow card 
        24 battle cards 
        32 tresury cards 
        84 room cards 
          8 dragon cards 
        15 room trap cards 
        15 search cards 
        15 room searching cards 
        15 chest cards 
        15 dorr cards 
        15 monster cards 
          8 rules card 
          1 dryckeskort 
          4 magiska ringar 

Expansion set II contains (works only with the basic set): 
    1  rules booklet with the new rules as an extension of the old ones 
  20  new room cards 
    8  new characters 
    4  plastic holders 
    1  10-sided dice 
    1  plastic top 
    1  sheet with the BodyPoint-scales for the new heroes 
    1  sheet with small tiles 
           4 arrow tiles 
           5 dagger tiles 
           5 floor tiles 
         30 corpse-eater tiles 
128  new cards, of which: 
           8 new treasury cards 
           8 new hero cards 
           8 hero description cards 
         15 new battle cards 
         12 incantation/weapon/equipment cards 
           1 Oracaz card 
           1 sorcery book card 
         11 cards with magic amulets 
         12 new room searching cards 
           4 new cards with magic rings 
           2 new chest cards 
           2 new room trap cards 
        32 underworld cards

Game target: Get into the tresury in the middle and take as many treasuries as possible without wake up the dragon and than reach an exit before the sunset after 26 turns.
Rules: Rules in English
Rules in Swedish (inclusive the expansion set II)
Strategy: You have to consider the possibilities with a theoretically shorter, but unknown way, against a longer one, where there already are room tiles, as the number of turns are limited. 
Also you have to way in, by experience, how the different monsters normally react at an encounter, ie if they prefer escape, battle or a backstab. As it's one of your opponents who choses the battle cards for the monsters, then it's a bit of a mug's game here as well. (It's a variant of stone, scissors and paper, but with a possibility to an extra hit for the hero on one of the cards, but that know the opponent as well...). 
Also, how many turns do you dare to stay in the treasury? The longer you stay, the more increases the risk that the dragon awakes, on the other hand the gain increases...
Comments: Invented 1985 by the Swedes Dan Glimne and Jacob Bonds. The expansion is published 1987. 
The English version is published by Games Workshop. In the English publication it seems as the expansion set is separated in two expansions, of which one contains the underworld cards. It also seems to be a more beautyful and expensive publication. 

You interact quite little with the other in the game, except when you have arrived to the tresury or got lost on a way someone else has made, which normally is a detour. 

Although the bi randomness in the game, it's really one of the funniest I have, The new heroes of the expansion, gives a little more chance to succeed (according to the rules it's just about 15% chance to return to the exit). Also may the underworld give a slight advantage, but you may exclude those cards if you want. 

The big disadvantage are the very extensive rules and that som rules only are at particular rules cards, so at least one of the player ought to know the rules well enough to find the required rule. On the other hand, you don't really need to know the rules before you reach a certain situation. Another disadvantage is the many and different cards you have to keep track of. With the expansion set, they may barely find place in the box! But the strength of the game is all the surprises it gives. As my friend with a spider phobia draw the card wuth the giant spider and uttered a terrific yell. For those who like to play a society game as a solitary game sometimes, this one is probably one of the best. 
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In German the game is called "Drachenhort".



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