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Distributor: Queen Games
Category: Strategy game
Players: 3-4
Play time: 45-60 minutes
Ages: 12+
Content:   1 Game board
80 Cargo strips in 4 player colors
10 Market cards
  3 Markers
30 Special cards
  8 Supply cards
72 Goods cards (18 of each type)
  3 Merchants
  2 Trainees
  1 Junk
  1 Turn Overview card
  1 Summary Sheet
  1 wad of Game money
Game target: To get most points through money, bonus from special cards if you have reached their goals and game end bonuses depending of on how many junks you have crates.
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: There are good possibilities to plan ahead. Particularly you need to check on which junks the merchants are when it's your turn next time and plan for getting a lot of points or card in these turns. There is a large bluffing and counter-bluffing element in the bidding. You have to out-guess each other and you must have at least a single cards of each goods to be able to get some cheap goods sometimes. Keep track of which goods the other player chooses.
Comments: My edition is from 2001. The designer is Michael Schacht. It's only published in German.

The game is played over 10 rounds. Each round contains the following 6 phases:
1. Market cards and Events
2. Player Actions
3. Resupplying Goods
4. Goods Bartering
5. Move Markers
6. Change Start-Player

The game flows easily after a few turns and you don't need the summary to remember the phases. It also takes a few turns to understand the strategies. It's tricky that even the loser of the blind-bidding (phase 4) have to pay the bidden cards, but this rule probably keep the bids down a bit.



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