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Distributor: DB spiele
Category: Bluffing game
Players: 3-6 (best with 4-6 players)
Play time: 45 minuter
Ages: 10+

    1 game board
  6 gamers' sheets
8 game pieces (8 each in 6 different colours)
  30 amulets
  54 fighting cards
  12 item cards   
126 construction items 

       60 green foliage
       48 brown wood
       12 natural mud
         6 grey stones  

Game target: The game ends, when any player has completed his stronghold, or after 12 turns at the latest. Then the player with the most valuable stronghold wins the game.
Rules: Rules in English
Player mat, which avoid the need of paper and pen
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2003. The designer is Dirk Henn.

The game proceeds in weeks, and every week runs down after the following scheme: 
1. The items of this week appear.
2. Every player plans simultaneously his movements and writes them down.
3. The recorded movements are executed.
4. Fights and sieges are carried out.
5. The obtained items are built into the strongholds.
6. All Vikings recover one step. Change of the starting player. 

I like the theme, which is strongly connected to more or less well-known ancient fortresses on the Swedish island Öland. It's a very light game, which brings down my personal rating, but still it quite okey as a filler or as a family game. It's worst default is the need of paper and pen, but it can be solved with my player mat, where you secretly can deploy your armies on behind a screen or your arm sleeve. The battle mechanism is nice, as the winner or looser has to change battle cards, which will even out future fight. Still everyone can use one amulet to change battle cards just before a fight.



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