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Distributor: Kärnan
Category: Bluffing game
Players: 2-5 (4-5)
Play time: 01:00
Ages: 10+
Content:   1 Game board
12 Robinson characters
12 Plastic feet
12 Robinson id cards
  5 Character disc with yellow plastic markers
  1 Final tile
20 Cards with Robinson competitions
  5 Set of puzzles in different coloours
  2 Dice
30 Round symbol tiles (24 normal, 6 special)
25 Wodden sticks (of plastic!!)
  1 Rules leaflet
  1 Quick guide
You also need paper and pencils for certain competitions.
Game target: To have one of your own Robinson character left as a winner after up to 11 turns, ie succeded to protect it enough, so it won't be "elected away" during the end of a turn.

Each turn is a day on the island, which consists of 4 actions: Choice of Robinson character to move (it don't need to be your own, but you may bluff the other here), Investigation of the island, A Robinson competition and The island council (where you elect which character has to leave the game this turn). The characters may also disappear out of the game through "illness" - a special symbol tile.

Rules: -
Strategy: Try to make your opponents to believe that your Robinson characters are some else than those you have! This is probably the most difficult part of the game.
Comments: Year of publication is 1999. The game is based upon the Swedish original of the TV program "Survivor".

I as first very doubtful to the game, as I before had tested another TV based game: "Prisoners on the Fort", which was a total disaster. Although everyone thought it was quite an entertaining program, although the dice decides a bit too much sometimes. The competitions was the best part of the game, thought everyone, even the 15 year old boy who joined us the first play. Probably will the game be more appreciated, when you utilise the "bluffing part" better. It's quite a good a "party game", but personally I think it's too light for me. Anyway the game gave us several good laughs, both in the competitions, as well as in the choice of who would start the different competitions. Those choices were often made by deciding who had the "largest ears", "shortest hair", "least weight" etc. Some competitions must be adapted if there are younger participants, as a lot of the competiions are different word games.

I like the fact that they have supplied a quick guide, which faciliate the game, before you have all the rules in the head, although the rules are quite simple to learn. As the game board is folded twice, the surface is a bit rough in the folds, but on the other side the box is very small, which is very handy if you have many shelves of games.

Copyright by "Wild Men Publishing A/S" (Denmark?).


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