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Distributor: Queen Games
Category: Strategy game
Players: 2-6 (best with 4-5)
Play time: 60-120 minutes
Ages: 10+
Content:     1 game instructions with quick-start game rules
    1 game board
  79 expedition cards
135 arrows in three colors
  75 coupons
  60 game chips in six colors
    1 game goal
Game target: When a player lays aside his last expedition card, each player, that in this round has not yet moved was, gets one more play. Then the game has finished. You get points for completed research missions and gained game chips, but get negative score for those, which still are in the hand or on the board.
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 1995. The designer is Wolfgang Kramer.

Each player receives a number of expedition cards at the start of the game. These cards are research missions for certain places in the world. The same picture is also shown on the game board at the corresponding place.

Three independent, neutral expeditions are taken by the players across the world map. If an expedition reaches a place that the player has a research mission for, the card is laid aside and the player receives one point for it. And whoever at the end has collected the most points wins the game.  

A pretty simple, but still clever and interesting game. I really like the theme and I'm sad that all description of the places on the cards are in German, although this doesn't matter for the game itself.

First edition of this game was called TerraX, but the name was withdrawn because of the trademark.



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