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Distributor: Joker
Category: Money/points  (Also partly a memory and strategy game).
Players: 2-4 (seems okey to play with few, but it's funnier with more players)
Play time: 01:00
Ages: 8+  (a really good childrens game, which also adults appreciate without children)
Content:   1  game board 
  1  rules at the inside of the cover (I hate this!) 
  1  Atlantis whirl (used as a dice in some situations) 
  6  Sea monsters 
  6  Octopussies 
  6  Dolphins 
  6  Sharks 
  6  Krakens 
12  Boats 
12  Sails to the boats 
48  Inhabitants of Atlantis (12 of each colour) 
37  Island parts: 
         7  gray parts  (the mountain of Atlantis) (The middle part has no picture under). 
       12  green parts (the highland) 
       18  yellow parts (the lowland) 
       Under each of the parts is there a picture of one of the following events: 
        - Sea monster 
        - Shark 
        - Octopussy 
        - Dolphin 
        - Boat 
        - Whirlpool
Game target: To lead your Atlantis villagers in the courageous escape fron the island of Atlantis, which is doomed to destruction, to security at the nearby coral islands. the winner is the one, who at the end of game has succeeded to save the most of his own villagers. The game ends as soon as someone succeeds to get all hos surviving villagers in security.
Rules: Rules in English
New alternate rules in English from Waddingtons (Hasbro) edition
Rules in Swedish
Strategy: Try to remember how many of each island parts which have gone. In the outer circle are there 3 of each, in the middle 2 of each and in the inner 1 of each. Also start by placing your inhabitants near the existing boats.
Comments: Year of publication is 1986. 
A funny game for both 8-year olds, as well as for adults.

The game is invented by Julian Courtland-Smith, who also has invented "The Lost Dinosaurs". I've got the new edition of the rules from Hasbro and will publish them later.

The French name of the game is "L'escape de l'Atlantis".


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