Klicka för svenska      Funkenschlag (German) - Power Grid

Distributor: 2F-Spiele (Designer)
Rio Grande Games (English edition called "Power Grid")
Category: Strategy game
Players: 2-6 players (best with 4-5, but this might depend upon which map you choose to play on)
Play time: 120 minutes
Ages: 12+
Content: -
Game target: -
Rules: Rules in English
Rules in Swedish
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2004. The designer is Friedemann Friese.


Extract from Belgoludique report 2005-02-07 Just after 11 pm we started a great (exactly) 2-hour game of Funkenschlag (Power Grid) on the German map side of the board. Damien won it with a great play with 17p, followed by Yves at 13p, Michaël 12p and myself at 11p. Damien seemed to be doing everything right, but first of all he succeeded to first buy was a power station to handle 3 cities, which he used while building his network and I think this was the only power station he ever had to throw away, as he had money to fight for the big power stations as soon as they appeared, so he spent his resources well. I probably made a mistake to buy the eco station for 1 city in the early stages plus that I got nailed into the Southern corner of the map. Apparently I should have moved Northwards earlier and taken “my corner” later on. I think I got a lot of experience from this game. Rate 8 of 10.



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