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Distributor: Amigo   (English edition by Rio Grande Games)
Category: Card game
Players: 3-5 (best with 4-5 players)
Play time: 0:45
Ages: 10+
Content: 102 Gargon cards in 6 colours (2 x 0 and one of each 1-15)
  18 Bonus cards
Game target: Collect points by getting as many low cards (lower cards = higher points) as possible.
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2001. The designer is Rudiger Dorn.

A simple game, with a nice new twitch with the backs in different colours and which may be seen all the time.

Extract from the Essen game report 2001. Then we met Ronald Hoekstra and Emanuel Soeding at the Cwali counter. It was too crowded there, so we went with Ronald to the Amigo area and tried their new game "Gargon", which also Rio Grande is going to publish. We found a friendly girl who talked good English. Unfortunately she seemed to have misunderstood most of the rules, which we discovered when we understood that the game didn’t work and we got a copy of the rules and started to translate them ourselves, thanks to Sus.

It’s a card game consisting of 6 colours numbered 0-15. The zeroes exist twice and gives doubled points at the end for each collected amulet in its colour. The colour of the cards is also shown at the back of the cards.

The game is played in two phases each turn. First the start player sets the playing-out system by playing out 1-3 cards facedown. The other players must play out the same number of cards and the same combination of colours (not the same colours), which can be 1:0, 2:0, 1:1, 2:1 or 1:1:1. The last player must play colours, which already are played by the other players. Each player may then choose to either play or pass. If he passes he draws 1-3 cards from the two piles in the middles (you see the coloured backs of all cards in both piles).

The battle phase are done by all players shows their played cards and the start player selects the colour to start the battle until his cards are exhausted and it continues until all colours has battled. The highest card in a colour defeats the highest card in the other player same colour. The defeated cards are placed in a discard pile and a card is drawn to the hand for these players. The won card is placed facedown beside the winner and its amulets are counted towards the victory at the end.

The start player changes clockwise between each round. When one pile in the middle is exhausted, then the game ends when the round is over and the scoring takes place. The player who has most cards in each colour get 10 points bonus in the colour, if it’s shared all get 5 points instead. All amulets on the cards are counted as points and doubled (or even quadrupled) for those player who has got a zero in the colour (rating CGS=8, ML=7, SL=4, TB=8, Ronald=7).

Gaming on the ferry back home:
We finished the evening with a second play of "Gargon", which all appreciated more. But Tobias and I decreased the rating a step because of the too much randomness in the drawings of cards and Sus increased her rating. (CGS=7, ML=7, SL=5, TB=7).



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