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Distributor: Goldsieber Spiele
Category: Adventure game
Players: 2-5
Play time: 60-80 minutes
Ages: 10+
Content:     7 adventure markers
  36 discovery tokens
    8 treasure tokens
112 articles of equipment (26 provisions, 16 pearls, 16 ropes, 16 guns, 16 spades, 16 timbers, 6 fishing rods)
    1 temple
  22 gold pieces
    5 amulets
    1 Bonus field
    1 Goal field
    1 Reserve field
  49 terrain tiles:
           36 tiles without a coastal border (13 without adventures and 23 with adventures)
           12 tiles with a coastal border
             1 start tile
    5 adventurers (player pawns, 1 each in the 5 player colors)
  50 Camps (10 each in the 5 player colors)
    5 backpacks (in the 5 player colors)
    5 short rules cards
    1 supplement "Examples and explanations"
    1 game overview
    1 rules booklet
Game target: To have the most points at the end of the game. The points are retrieved through adventure markers (having most camps at tiles with a certain defeated adventure, gold coins or treasures).
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2002. The designer is Wolfgang Kramer.

The active player can execute each of the following three actions once per turn and in any order:  
A. Move adventurer (you may move over all uncovered tile without adventure or with one of your camps, which you get on the tile when you have completed an adventure).
B. Acquire articles of equipment (on certain tiles you may get articles, if you have another specific article)
C. Exploration (If your adventurer stands on a tile next to which at least one tile can still be positioned horizontally or vertically, you may explore. The drawn tile may be rotated in any chosen direction.)

Although it's quite luck-driven with the drawn terrain tiles, you can still make a lot of planning and it's not necessary to reach the temple if you have succeeded to get other treasures and adventure markers, although this is the most common goal. You need to plan what kind of tools you might need to get through the tiles and be prepared. A nice touch is the back pack, where the number of empty spaces decides how many tiles you may move each turn (but you can throw away something before you move). 

The game is currently only published in German.

Extract from the Essen game report 2002 We met up with Peter just before 10 am again. Today we took aim at Goldsieber to test “Goldland”. A German guy asked us to join and he knew the rules pretty well, as he had started to play yesterday, but the game had been cancelled halfway through it. As I like exploration games, this game went to my heart, although its simple and light. Still it gives several interesting choices. Probably it’s good with both non-gamers and children.
Result: Carl=6, Peter=17, Christina=13, Bernhard=19
Rating: Carl=7, Peter=7, Christina=7  



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