Klicka för svenska      Die Händler (German)

Distributor: Queen Games
Category: Strategy game
Players: 2-4 (best with 3-4 players)
Play time: 1:00-1:30
Ages: 10+ (probably too low age)
Content:   1 Gameboard
  1 Wooden Courier
  3 Wooden Wagons
54 Wooden Goods
       Red Cylinder - Cloth - Tuche
       Brown Cylinder - Wine - Wein
       White Cylinder - Salt - Salz
       Green Box - Foodstuff - Nahrung
       Black Box - Iron - Eisen
       Purple Box - Silk - Seide
  8 Gray Wooden Markers
  4 Punch-sheets containing the following:
       10 Gray "Credit" Cards
       15 Green "Influence" Cards
         8 Red "Special Ability" Cards
         4 Price Wheels with 8 Directional Arrows
         8 Coat-of-Arms tiles in 4 colors
       16 Movement tiles in 4 colors
         1 Reference Table
       Money markers in 100, 500, and 1000 Guilder denominations
  1 Label Sheet
  4 Cloth Bags
  4 Screws for Price Wheels
  1 Rules Sheet
  1 Contents / Assembly Sheet
  1 FAQ Booklet
Game target: Each player is a dealer trying to achieve high social standing among his fellow dealers.   At the end of the game, the dealer with the highest status of all is the winner.
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 1999. The designer is Wolfgang Kramer and Richard Ulrich. The game is only published in German.

Turn phases:
1. Purchasing Goods
2. Bidding for Wagons and Loading Goods
3. Wagon and Courier movement
4. Price Modification, Warehouse Selling
5. Selling Delivered Goods
6. Upkeep and Raising of Social Status

A good, although a bit tricky game, as a mix of several different mechanism is used in the game. Some think it's a bit too much rules to learn, but I think they keep together very well.



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