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Distributor: MB spel
Category: Roleplaying
Players: 2-5 (best with 4-5)
Play time: 01:00+ (different separate scenarios, shich may be played as a campaign)
Ages: 10+ (the Dungeon master should be elder)
Content:   1  game board 
  1  rules booklet 
  1  task book with 14 adventure scenarios
  1  player screen 
35  plastic characters: 
       8 orches 
       6 goblins 
       3 fimirs
       4 chaos fighters 
       1 chaos wizard 
       1 fearface 
       4 skeleton
       2 zombies 
       2 mummies 
       1 wizard (Player Character) 
       1 barbarian (PC) 
       1 dwarf (PC) 
       1 elf (PC) 
15  pieces of furniture 
       2 tables 
       1 throne 
       1 alchemist's workbench 
       3 treasure chests 
       1 sarcophag|us 
       1 wizard's table 
       2 book shelvesa 
       1 rack 
       1 fireplace 
       1 weapon rack 
       1 wardrobe 
21  doors (5 closed and 16 opened) 
  1  pad of player character descriptions 
64  playing cards 
          3 fire enchantment cards
          3 earth enchantment cards
          3 water enchantment cards
          3 air enchantment cards 
          5 quest treasures 
        25 treasure cards 
        14 equipment cards 
          8 monster cards 
  4  player character cards (elf, wizard, dwarf and barbarian) 
  2  ordinary D6 dices 
  4  special battle dices 
  8  counter wfor blocked squares / falling rocks traps
  2  double tiles with blocked squares
  6  tiles with pitfalls
  1  tiles with stairs 
  4  secret door tiles

The expansion "The Tower of Kellar": 
  1  task book with 10 new adventures
17  miniatures
       8 orches
       6 goblins
       3 fimirs 
  1  cartoon sheet with new parts to the game board

Game target: Terminate each task according to stipulated objective for the scenario and find equipments during the adventure or buy it to make your characters characteristics better for example in battle against monsters.
The Dungeon Masters task is NOT to play AGAINST the others, but to make the game good, fun and fair. Also he should encourage inventive ideas to solve problems.
Rules: Rules in Swedish
Strategy: The player characters should keep stuck together as much as possible and cooperate, which is the most important in all roleplaying games.
Comments: Year of publication is 1990.
ood introduction to roleplaying games. It facilitate if the dungeon Master is used to play ordinary roleplaying games.

My own house rules (inspired by ordinary role playing):
1)  The DM (Dungeon Master) is autocratic in all rule interpreting questions.
2)  If DM finds it necessary, he may leave the rules and temporary replace them if he finds that it should favour the game play.
3)  The PC (Player Character) may break the rules, if they can motivate it and the DM finds it can favour the game play. Smart and fun solutions shall always be rewarded, at least the first time.
4)  STY=0 lead to unconsciousness. The Rp will be dead if STY<0. If STY=0, the other PC may try first aid once each (succeeded if D6=1) or a healing potion or healing magic is done on the unconscious PC.
5)  Watch for treasures:  D6<5  (alternative:  not a white shield)
6)  Watch for traps:  D6<6  (alternative: not a black shield)
7)  Equipment may only be bought BETWEEN 2 tasks. It can be sold back for half the price alternatively sold to another PC for an optional price.

There is another Swedish expansion "The Return of the Evil Master" with 4 zombies, 8 skeleton, 4 mummies and new parts to the game board, as well as a task book with 10 new adventures.

This is still a very popular game, although impossible to find in any stores. If you are looking for this game, then it's easiest to try to find it at an auction site like:    www.ebay.com

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