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Distributor: Iron Crown Enterprise (I.C.E.)
Category: Adventure game
Players: 2-4 (best with 3-4)
Play time: 01:00-02:00
Ages: 10+  (You need to know enough English to interpret the cards. One must have good knowledge of English to understand the rules.)
Content:     1  game board, which is a map of the world in J.R.R.Tolkien's "the Fellowship of the Ring" 
    4  counters, which are hobbits in different colours 
    5  6-sided dices, of which: 
         1 blue    (for movements: 1, 2, 3 or fly) 
         1 green  (standard D6 for different purposes) 
         3 red     (battles against monsters:  1-3 with nubers and 1-3 with dots) 
  35  yellow markers    (GP=gold money, 1 large = 5 small) 
  24  black markers      (LP=life points,    1 large = 5 small) 
  16  talismans (4 rings in 4 different colours) 
142 cards, of which: 
         14 magic 
         31 equipments 
         36 adventures 
         12 dangers 
           6 perils 
         15 riddles (don't need to solve them, but need answer on the counter card) 
           8 money cards 
         20 rest 
    1  rules leaflet 
    1  sheet with description of the special cards
Game target: To collect enough equipment, talismans and experience, so you dare to go to Carm Dum and conquer the dragon there. If so, you have won the game.
Rules: in English
Strategy: Don't be afraid to take a chance too early. Particularly as one of the opponents looks as he has collected enough equipment to beat the dragon. 
Comments: Year of publication is 1994. Even if it's quite a big random moment with both the cards and the dices, that's a really good game. A nice little game, which is a "must" for Tolkien fans. It's an interesting function with the battle dices. A similar function is used in the game "Kalahen".



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