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Distributor: Rio Grande Games / Hans im Gluck
Category: Strategy game
Players: 2-4
Play time: 1:00
Ages: 12+
Content: 53 action cards
9 order, 8 raw materials, 8 growth, 7 innovation, 7 waste disposals, 
4 advisor, 4 hiring/firing, 3 waste removal, 2 bribery, 1 accident
12 loan tokens (8x  –10,  4x  2x-10)
54 EURO bank notes (12 each of 1, 2, 5, 10 million; 6 of 20 million)
16 cylinders
4 factories
1 game board
4 company mats
50 raw materials
1 rule booklet  
Game target: The players are owners/managers of their companies. In this role, they organize their co-workers, raw materials, waste and its disposal, and the growth of their companies. Of course, they do all this with their eyes on profits! the player who best manages his company will win the game.

The state of innovation in the 3 areas: rationalization, raw materials, and waste reduction gives points, as half of your remaining money, but you must subtract your loan. Winner is the player with most points.

Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from 2001. The designer is Jürgen Strohm. The German original name is "Müll und Money".

A round has 5 phases: 
1st phase: lay out card combinations (3 different in each pile and one more pile than the no of players).  
2nd phase: choose card combinations in clockwise order from starting player.
3rd phase: play the cards (this is the core of the round)  
4th phase:  pay the basic costs , depending of your rationalization.  
5th phase: change the starting player

Pretty ok and simple game, but nothing really deep. You have to balance your investments and waste removal.

Extract from Belgoludique report 2004 We continued a game of Müll und Money (Industrial Waste), which I realised that I haven’t played more than once before, although I own the English version of the game. Yves made the best result, through both maximum production and minimum pollution and all of the time said he didn’t like to fire any people, as it is unethical… Anyway the strategy succeeded. I will still rate it 6 of 10, but it was growing this time and might get a higher rating after more plays.



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