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Distributor: Användbart Litet Företag (=Useful Little Company)
Category: Trivia/word game
Players: 2-6
Play time: 02:00-03:00
Ages: 15+ (also particular children questions for 10-14 years old)
Content:   1  game board 
  1  box woith question cards
  1  dice 
  2  hour-glasses (the red one has a slight shorter time than the black one)
  6  counters in different colours
  6  marking plate 
12  marking pins 
12  chance cards (6 with "can" and 6 with "cannot") 
  2  category cards (cribs)
Game target: In a basic game you should first get 21 points. Then starts the end-game towards the finish. The winner is the first one who first gains a better insight, ie come to the middle of the game board. Tactic, a good poker face  and the ability to, during pressure against the hour-glass make well thought-out long shots, are things which determine how well a player may suceed. (Quotation from the rule leaflet.)
Rules: -
Strategy: -
Comments: Idea by Joel Sevelin and Erik Karlsson 1991. My edition is from 1993-94, when it was only sold as a promotion game to companies, who gave it to their staff or customers, for example as a christmas gift. Then the logotype was printed outside the game.
I've only played this as an ordinary Trivia game, like "Trivial Pursuit" and I felt it was too drawn-out and the most lost interest in it soon. Generally the questions were too difficult.
It might be better if you use the chance cards, which makes a more difficult game, but a more decisive game.
(I don't think this game has been published outside Sweden)


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