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Distributor: Waddingtons
Category: Childrens game
Players: 2-4 (best with 3-4)
Play time: 00:45-01:00
Ages: 7+ 
Content: 1 game board 
Jolly Roger (carton parts: 3 deck sectioner and 4 sails) (plastic parts: hull, stem, stern, 2 masts, 2 booms, steering-wheel, "strake", 4 cannons and a flag.) 
Blackbeards "fluorescent" ghost. 
4  counters of platstic (with pasted stickers) 
6  treasure chests with covers (key stickers pasted underneath) 
8  weapon counters 
6  round key counters (inclusive 1 parrot counter) 
6  rectangular treasure counters (are randomly put in the treasure chest before each play) 
3  dices 
1  sticker sheet
Game target: To fetch keys and find the chest ship at the ship, which contains the treasure and return with it to your own hiding-place.
Rules: Rules in Swedish 
Strategy: -
Comments: A good game for the children. Too simple for adults. Year of publication is 1991. 
(I don't know the English name of the game.)



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