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Distributor: Flying Turtle Games
Category: Adventure game
Players: 3-6
Play time: 02:00
Ages: 12+
Content:   1  game board 
  1  6-sided dice 
  1  10-sided dice 
  3  6-sided dice numbered 1-3 numbers and with dots. 
  8  counter tiles to mark if a certain terrins is secure (4 green and 4 red) 
  4  blue counter tiles for traps (used in advanced rules) 
  8  cards with treasure chests 
24  cards with "ambulatory monsters" (yellow at the back) (used in advanced rules). 
78  cards with "contents of the treasure chests". Green/blue/red back. 
  6  miniatures in tin, which are the playing counters
- Rings (15 in the colours of red, blue, green and yellow9 (1 extra yellow?)
- Yellow counters (guld coins = GM) (1 large = 5 small) 
- Black counters    (life points = LP)   (1 large = 5 small)
Game target: To find a formula which consists of 3 pergament sheets and bring them back to your own castle, where a dragon awaits you. To easier succeed in battles against different monsters or other players, you need to collect money, equipment and magic rings.
Rules: Rules in Swedish
Game table for battles etc in Swedish
Strategy: Try to quite soon go and find the pergament leaves, that is, don't build up your character to much beforehand. It could even be better to get the pergament from the inner region before, as you probably don't need to waste so many rings to handle the lesser monsters at the outer places, as you have to meet the dragon outside your castle in the final battle, as soon as you have got 3 similar pergament leaves and than need at least 2 rings to win over it. It's also important to have found both a shield and a sword early in the game, as they both increase the battle value by one each.
Comments: Invented 1990 by P.Janssens and J.Vanaise.

It ressembles in great parts of "The Hobbit", with rings, gold and life points, not to mention the same combat system, but the still it's very different. For example are the target of the two games quite different. You also have the possibility to beginner's and advanced play. According to traditional adventure style, you have to build up your character, so it's getting stronger. But you don't get stronger and get more lifes (like in Talisman), but you have to get enough healing potions and rings, to manage the combats against monsters and maybe against the opponents. You find the different things in treasure chests, which you may search through after beating the monster of the place. Though, the interaction between the player are quite small, even if the risk to die in such confrontation is quite small. Only if you suspect the opponent to carry an important pergament leaf or anything else, which is valuable to you, do you risk to attack. It's often worth more to save the rings to attack the monsters. Mainly you have to find 3 similar pergament leaves and run back to your castle with them. There are additional optional rules with traps, wandering monsters, cooperation and high risk game (a kind of gambling) when you are entering the inner region. You can choose which one or more of those rules you want to add.
(I don't know the English name of the game.)


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