Klicka för svenska      Fight for Naboo - Star Wars

Distributor: Kärnan
Category: Strategy game
Players: 2-4 (best with 2, as it team work otherwise)
Play time: 00:45-01:00
Ages: 8+
Content:   1 game board
29 character tiles
  4 portal tiles
33 plastic feet to the tiles (7x4 different colours + 5 green)
  8 dice (2x4 different colours)
  1 rules booklet (Swedish)
Game target: 4 armies are fighting to be the first to reach Queen Amidala on the green planet Naboo, to get her to one of their own bases.
The armies are 2 different teams: The Good ones and the Evil ones. Each player control one army (or sometimes 2 if you are 2-3 players) and tries to move any of his characters to Naboo. On the way can you attack your opponents and with luck and skill render them harmless. But be careful, so your not attacked and eliminated yourself.
Armies from the same side are allies during the game and has to cooperate, ie to open a portal  to Naboo, as the planet is protected by a shield. It's done when 2 allies from different armies meet at an alliance field.
Rules: -
Strategy: -
Comments: Created 1999(?).

The game depends a bit to much on the luck through the dice, to be of my taste. Although it's probably quite good as a childrens game. But the design of the game is nice and reflects pretty well the ambiance from the movie "Star Wars Episode I".

I don't know the English name of the game.


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