Klicka för svenska      Kardinal und König, Das kartenspiel (German)

Distributor: Spiele aus Timbuktu
Category: Card game
Players: 3-5 (best with 3-4 players)
Play time: 0:45
Ages: 11+
Content: 56 Land cards
       4 x Danemark
       5 x England
       6 x Italien
       6 x Bayern
       6 x Ungarn
       7 x Kastilien
       7 x Franken
       7 x Sachen
       8 x Frankreich
15 claiming stones
  8 Law cards
  1 Scoring Chart
Game target: By collecting Land cards, you can establish cloisters, bring advisors to council meetings, and improve your network of roads. According to which cards you choose, you can earn different amounts of victory points. At the end of the game, the player with the most victory points wins.
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is from the Essen game fair 2001. The designer is Michael Schacht. It has only been published as a cut-out yourself game and has only been published in German. You may also download the game from the publishers site.

You setup the cards in 4 x 14 cards and put the eight law cards facedown randomly according a certain pattern.Each player take at least one card from the end of one of the card rows. He may take more in the same colour, as long as the card totally has maximum 2 circle symbols. He may end his turn by playing one of his 3 claiming stones on a card, to get it blocked. It cost a claiming stone permanently to get rid of a players block.

Quick and fun game. Personally I think it's funnier than the original board game "Kardinal und König", also called "Web of Power".

The game has been published 2003 as a 2-player game called "Richelieu".

FAQ from a discussion group Questions asked to Michael Schacht.about his design intention on several on some points.

Q: The rule for taking cards is that only cards with an exposed (left    or right) edge may be taken. If I take more than one card on my    turn:
A) do ALL the cards that I take have to have an exposed edge at the BEGINNING of my turn or
B) can I take a card that has had an edge exposed DURING my turn (i.e. as a result of my having just taken a card).
A: The answer is B.

Q: May I use more than one "law card" per turn?
A: Yes. It is in theory possible (with the right law cards) to collect, in a single turn, 7 cards in up to 4 different colors with 3 total symbols (by taking all of Denmark and any 3 other cards each having a single symbol).

Q: May I use a "law card" the very same turn I take it?
A: Yes. If, e.g., you take a card with the law card "Different Colors Allowed" on it, you may immediately take another card with a different color, if you like (subject to any other limitation, like number of symbols you have already collected this turn).



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