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Distributor: Golden (licenced from Waddingtons Games)
Category: Adventure game
Players: 2-6 (4-6)
Play time: 00:40 (depends if someone finds "the Key" early or not)
Ages: 8+ (a simple game for children)
Content: Transforming game board.
  2 black whirlpool rings
  6 square bridge sections (4 are missing for me)
  6 adventure warriors
  1 black demon king
  1 eight-sided die
48 equipment cards
30 monster cards
  6 treasure cards
  6 treasure card envelopes
  6 deep magic cards
Adventure instructions (rules)
Hazard handbook (how to pass obstacles)
Game target: Go around the game board until you've found the "Key treasure card" plus one more treasure card and than escape the kingdom. You may also steal treasures from the other players.
Rules: -
Strategy: -
Comments: Year of publication is 1990. Designer is Paul Bennett.

I've heard that this game should be a nice and good game, so I bought it through the auction site Ebay. The game isn't that bad, but rather a good game for children, as there is quite big luck in the game through the die. The transformable game board is an unusual nice variant, where you fold in or out half of the game board, each time someone jumps into a whirlpool. Those who are on the board which are going to disappear, have 3 throws to save themselves to the other half of the game board.


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