Klicka för svenska      Mysteries of Old Peking
            (The Chinese Detective Game)

Distributor: MB spel
Category: Conclusion game
Players: 2-6
Play time: 00:30+
Ages: 8+ (you should be able to read quite good)
Content:   1  Game board 
  6  Counters (with detective stickers) 
60  Witness cards (10 of each witness) 
12  "The wise man" cards 
12  "The Spy" cards 
24  Fortune cookie cards 
  4  Cards with Chinese dragons 
  4  Sheets with criminals 
  1  Mystery booklet, with backgrounds to 50 different mysteries 
  1  Notepad with sheets to note your clues 
  1  Red code key (transparent red plastic sheet) 
  1  Mirror 
  1  Transparent spy card 
  1  "Who did it?" code key 
  1  Dice 
Each player needs also a pencil.
Game target: As one og the best detectives in Beijing, you'll solve one of the mysteries in the mystery book and reveal the criminal. To get clues, you must go to the different, possible witnesses and interrogate them about what they have seen. Also you may move the dragons through certain fortune cookie cards, to prevent the other detectives to manage to get there before you. When you know who the thief is, you must go to that dragon, where he hides according to "the Spy".
Rules: Rules in Swedish
Strategy: The most important witnesses, who you always have to visit are "the Spy" and "the Wise Man", so try to reach them as soon as possible. Also you know if and then who lies, when you been at the "Wise Man". Then you just have to hope that you don't choose the witnesses who haven't seen anything.
Comments: Year of publication is 1988. 
Equal good at few as with many participants. Although it's simpliness, it's quite entertaining and it's quick to get started with.
(I don't know the English name of the game.)


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