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Distributor: Mod_Games  (designer)
JKLM Games (publisher)
Category: Strategy game
Players: 2-4 (best with 3-4 players)
Play time: 90 minutes
Ages: 10+ (12+ is more reasonable)
Content: -
Game target: -
Rules: Rules in English
Strategy: -
Comments: My edition is the first limited edition from 2003. Copy 72 of 300. A better produced edition was published 2004. The designer is Andreas Steding. The game is bi-lingual English and German.


Extract from Belgoludique report 2004 Next game was the hyped homemade game Kogge. A logistic game, where you transport goods and establish offices in 9 cities around the Baltic Sea. One of the interesting mechanics were the route markers, which could be used both as money for auctions and to determine routes from one city to another or as trading goods if you are in the same city as the Guild Master. The mechanism work really well and I don’t hesitate to give it an initial rating 9 of 10.



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